A bit of housekeeping

No, this post is not about my lack of cleaning. Just a few little bloggish updates to mention.

a) I still don’t know why the text is showing up, as Dan puts it, kindergarten size, in Internet Explorer, and only on the home page. any guesses?
b) Since importing all of my old posts, I finally sorted through the book ones at least and created a new category. The Book List category is where I’ll put all my “Oh I need to remember to read this/adding it to my booklist” books, and the Now Reading on the side will still show (obviously) what I’m actually reading and then have the reviews I write.
c) There is actually something on my about page now. For real.

That’s all I can think of right now. Later.

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  • JaNae - I read your list (yes the whole thing) and I love it! Especially number 74! The one about having to actually get right in front of you while you’re reading/watching TV is so true! I have had many a conversation with you only to get to the end and realize you didn’t hear a word I was saying. I’m sure your hubby can relate!

  • heather - Ditto JaNae. : )

    That is a great About me, KarYn. : ) Good writing, well organized, very wise.

    I might finally start a blog just to have a good place to do my book lists. And one of everything the kids have read. Who is organized?

    Love ya

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