Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday, and thanks for all of the fun of getting to bug you for my entire childhood. You took it pretty well. =) I believe in this photo you are just about to throw something at me. =) Ah, the memories.

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  • heather - Thank you sister! Thanks for still loving me after all the years of teasing. A photo from 1984 is about the only time period from which it is allowable to post a picture on the Internet of my backside. grin.

    We have snow covering the ground, too. Did Mom tell you that it snowed on the day I was born? It’s just God saying Happy Birthday and he wanted to say it in Texas, too. : )

    Love the red pants, love the rolled up jeans, love the puffy vests, and love you!


  • k - I had many photos to choose from, one of which was your sophomore hs photo….I also had a great one with us sitting next to dad at his birthday, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about letting everyone see my 7 yr old keep-your-hair-out-of-your-face-mullet. hehe.

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