Jason’s Belly

So, I know I’m a bit late mentioning it, but my parents came and visited us in Texas a week ago. It was very nice and a we had a good time. It was good to finally have them visit when it’s actually nice outside, instead of stifling. We didn’t do anything monumentally exciting. We ate a lot, finally got to show Dad our house. Took them to some of our regular – non-Ohio-chain-restaurant spots. Sat around and schemed new business ideas for home…ate some more…and reintroduced them to the wonderful world of Texas drivers.

Only my brother will understand the title of this post….so please don’t even try to wrap your brain around what it might possibly mean. It’s not work the aneurysm.

If you’d like to see photos of mom and dad’s visit (which were all taken with mom’s camera because I couldn’t find my battery charger sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE) go to the gallery and click on the album The Frantoms Go to Texas.

Thanks for visiting mom and dad! Come back anytime. The cat misses you already. Oh, and Dad, Jason told me that you were complaining about the cat meowing outside your door. I TOLD you to tell me, or at least kick him and he’ll stop. I know it was tough for your dealing with a cat that could leave paw prints on our FURNITURE, let alone just on a car.


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