We’re Ok

Just for those of you who’ve been watching the news again…we did NOT get hit by a tornado. Although, they got a lot closer this time. Yesterday…stormy all day…on and off…break in the evening…around 9pm we check the weather again and the bad stuff was starting to roll in again, and within about 10 minutes they are saying ..”we have reports of a wall cloud over THIS INTERSECTION” …Coincidently, that’s where we tell people we live when they ask…”Oh, right there at THIS INTERSECTION”….so needless to say this got our attention. Then they showed this NEW lovely graphic of a 3-D spiral RIGHT over where we live….they’d NEVER used that graphic before. They’d just been using these circles that represented upper or lower cloud rotation – this thing looked like a cork screw…so we decided to take a little trip down to our basement. Oh, wait, I forgot, we live in Texas, we don’t HAVE a basement. Silly me. We went back to the bedroom and into our walk-in closet. Me, John and the kitty. We have a TV back there so we kept listening to the weather. It got super windy, and the sirens were going off, but no damage or anything. There were apparently several reports of funnel clouds, but no touchdowns. Yeah. At least not by our house. So that was our first official ‘a tornado might actually hit our house experience’ in Texas. tada. Sorry to the rest of the country that has to deal with this weather. North of us, in Denton county, some parts saw 10 inches of rain between 2pm and 11pm yesterday. Ouch.

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  • Mielinski - why do you tell people you live there when you really dont? am i to believe you have been lying to me the entire time i have known you?? =P

  • k - We do live there….mostly. If I said the name of my street, no one, not even texans would have a clue where I meant. Where do YOU tell people you live?

  • Mielinski - im not faulting you for not saying the street….but Street #1 meets Highway #1 after Street #2….and you arent that close to that street. now if you said by Street #3 and Highway #1…i would give that to you…or even Street #1 and Highway #2. this blog is starting to become just a bunch of smoke and mirrors =P

    *Mielinski’s comment when originally written, made sense. I just changed the names so that the tornadoes don’t start figuring out how to get to our house*

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