What’s worth reading?

Is it the little tidbits that happen in my life that you enjoy? Or is it when things are going poorly and I feel like dishing about what’s bothering me. When I’m on my soapbox about another social work social issue? When I’m irritated by The Board?

What’s worth writing? The title of my blog is there for a reason. This stuff is “mundane” , “of this world”. Typically, when I’m happy, things are going well…this place gets pretty sparse. All photos and chipper. Only when I’m a) upset about something, b)passionate about getting the word out, or c) have a major project due (procrastinating) do I feel I write things of ‘substance’.

Incidently, I know that I WAY overuse quotation marks, I know, I know.
I also overuse commas. I write like I speak.

I have about 26 posts sitting in my draft pile. They have been sitting there, waiting to be finished, or tweeked, or just plain started. Sometimes I will run into the office and just type in the title of a post so that I will remember to write it later. There are very few that I have followed up on. Some example titles in my draft box include: “Belief vs. Reaction” – this one is supposed to talk about how the general public reacts to ‘outrages’ and ‘insults’ to their supposed beliefs, compared to what they actually believe and are willing to stand up for… “1st Amendment” – debating the amendment and what it really means, how it is being put into use and the hypocritical use of it’s protection…. “Au Natural” – this one, I honestly can’t remember what the original point was, but I believe it was NOT about nudity, but in fact about being ourselves and not putting on our fake selves for the world to see… I think.

Anyhow, I do realize that over the past year, my substance has dwindled a bit. But you know, that’s not completely a bad thing. If I were on here all the time, airing my woes and gripes, that would mean that (to me) my life was in turmoil – because that’s how I handle it. So except for the occasional expose on all things irritating, you may just see more pictures and happy posts. Because, for the most part…..(insert suspenseful sound effect here)…. I’m happy. This site is here to express myself, to update my family and friends which live many many miles away, and to just have fun with css. I know that personal websites are soooooo cliched. So what. Every once in awhile there MIGHT be something useful for general consumption, but if there never is, then that’s fine with me. If this site were supposed to be useful and informative and important to people, it would be called “Useful Details”, not mundane. I don’t care who sees it, I don’t care who thinks it matters or doesn’t matter. I don’t post rediculously private information on here and air my dirty laundry for the world to see, either. This is NOT my diary. Just like my dream of being a storm chaser….it’s all just for fun. =) Have a nice day everyone.

p.s. incidently, I’m thinking of doing a long series on the 08 candidates and doing research on what they actually believe. sort of a ‘reality’ profile of each. Would any of you like to read (or help with) that?

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  • JaNae - I just think it’s admirable that you can keep up with a blog! I would love to do one, but fear that it would only get updated once in a blue moon! Reading your posts helps me keep up with you when I don’t have a chance to pick up the phone like I really want to. Keep the “details” coming–mundane or not!

  • Bob R. Smith - I only blog when I’m drunk. So you’re doing better than me.

  • heather - I like hearing what’s floating around in your mind. I think it helps bridge the miles in a real way.

    I like all photos, especially of places around you or that you get to go. When you eat somewhere great and local in Ft. Worth or on business, I would love to see it in a pic.

    I would appreciate the research on pres. candidates. That would be helpful to me, as long as you use more than Daily Show as a source. [wink]

    Book reviews!

    Helpful Vista tips that you learn that you can share with your time-challenged sister.

    And, of course, I’ll all for fewer mentions of your cat, although I know that would be not being true to yourself. ; )


  • gauri - I’d be interested in what you have to say about the First Amendment!

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