Lighting issues

Ok, so we REALLY don’t like our kitchen lighting situation. As you can see below, we have a huge box with two 8ft. fluorescent blubs. It’s like an office building or something. Anyway, the plan is to change this because a) we want something we actually like, and b) to increase the appeal/value of the kitchen. We have several ideas, one of which involves (after the current lights are removed of course) ‘finishing’ the recessed box, painting it, adding some molding around the corners, etc. and installing tracking lighting up in there….we’ve talked about putting some small pendant lights over the sink area…and adding a couple of recessed lights in the raised box (or elsewhere) if that isn’t enough general light….. aside from all of the ideas….someone mentioned to me recently the idea of actually filling in the recessed box and making it a flat ceiling and installing lights wherever. Basically his point was that when people see a recessed part of the ceiling (during the inevitable event when we are selling our house- someday), the first thing they would think of was that they were going to have to fill that in…. For those of you who’ve never been in my house (ahem-hurry up and visit- leave the kid (SSSS) at grandma’s or with their competent fathers….) this will be hard to picture. I just want opinions, ideas.

A little more info on the situation:

The opening is approximately 8ft by 4ft, and the ceiling is recessed about 4 inches. The entire inside of the recessed area is finished with drywall, it just needs new tape, the holes where the currents fixtures come through need to be filled, and it needs spackled and painted. Thoughts?

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  • Bob R. Smith - Fill in the recess. Oh, wait, you mentioned that I said that. 🙂 For the record, I was just pointing out that in most cases, people want “normal” when they buy a house. Unless they’re looking for a rustic house or a quaint house or some “other” house. 1) I don’t see how the recess adds to the “” of your house. 2) In which case, I would say make it “normal”. My dos pesos which you already had but maybe I didn’t enunciate well enough in my inebriated state the other night.

    Not that I’m sober now of course.

    P.S. Boo on the fact that I can’t spell check this before I post it. Even our stupid LM webpages have that. 😛

  • Cheryl - I think the most important thing about this decision is the space under the light. What do you use that space for? For instance, is there a table there? Or is there some other special thing about that area that requires special lighting? Lighting needs to be functional. If there’s a table, what about filling the box and hanging a hanging lamp? If there’s a counter, recessed spotlight lighting might actually be okay if it’s directly above the counter. If there’s absolutely nothing special under this space, then – apart from wondering why in the world someone would put in recessed lighting for no apparent reason – I would think the best thing to do is fill it and put in some generic ceiling lamp as a sort of “backup” lamp when other lighting is insufficient. Then, just make sure that more purposeful lighting is focused in the areas you use most, like the table and the counter.

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