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So, it’s been a bit hectic lately, sorry for the lack of posts.  I spent a lot of time doing data entry last week and I actually (gasp) for once wanted to spend time away from the computer. Got some sun finally this weekend, but not tooo much.  Went and saw Shrek 3 last night. Pretty funny.  For some reason it didn’t seem quite as…interesting I guess, as the last two…. but it was still funny.  Merlin was a riot.  We (John) got the canned lights installed today, and they look great. It really completes the look in the kitchen. Now we just need to make the ceiling pretty and paint and do all the finishing stuff.  And then of course move on to the next project.  I’ve certainly learned a lot about hanging lighting fixtures, even if I was only helping. 😉

I also spent some more time working on my brother’s (and family) website for their small farm produce/baked good business.  It’s actually almost ready! I’ll post when it’s up and running.  Watched the 3rd to last episode of the Sopranos…only two left…it’s not looking good for Tony.  Personally, I’m pretty sure he’s not going to survive the finale.  Got a busy week of data entry, evals and trainings and ORGANIZING MY OFFICE ahead of me.  Plus, figuring out what we’re going to do for Memorial Day. Anyone want to fork out the large $$$ for a ticket to come visit? =) =) I figured.  Oh well, everyone have a good week.

Oh, and bonus…I started taking my “beta blockers” today.  Maybe my heart rate will drop below 100 this week. Woo hoo. Heck, I just hope I can stay awake on all these meds.  Maybe I could start a new set of posts called…”Have you ever taken these meds…and what side effects did you have….were they any fun??”  Sound good? hehe. later.

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