Weekend Warriors-ish

Happy Monday after Mother’s Day everyone!! What? You didn’t know that this was a holiday? Of COURSE it is. It’s the day that most mother’s actually get their Hallmark purchased and mailed too late Mother’s Day cards! (Or the homemade ones that their way-to-old-to-make-cards daughters made them that they will claim were made by their grandchildren.) Anyway, I was a pretty good daughter this year. I called my mother and talked to her and grandma ON mother’s day. It helps when you DON’T throw your cell phone in with your….um….dirty clothes and wash it, right He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named? Oh wait, I mean, (officially) it helps when mean, horrible people don’t throw you into the pool with your cell phone and wallet still in your pocket. Right. 😉

So, we had an interesting weekend. Let’s see, Friday night we just stayed in and watched our newest netflix pic, The Aviator. I had seen most of it last summer when I was in Ohio, but it was nice to see the beginning. Interesting flick…Leo did a good job ‘going crazy’ and he really did look like Hughes pretty much. But that movie is llooooooong. Although it was annoying at times, Kate Blanchet did a good job of portraying Katherine Hepburn. The voice was spot on. Reeeaaaaallllly (said with KH accent).

Saturday…that was a busy day. I got up and *gasp* mowed the lawn. (Note to sister- I’ve tried to explain my texan friends that we used to argue over who got to mow the lawn. They don’t believe me). The bugs did not get me…that was later. Hey a good two hour push mowing workout. Not bad. J went to the dump with the boys and all the stuff they needed to dump. Then he went to his first golf lesson (last year’s birthday gift from me) and I went shopping. =) Then Sat. evening we went to JB’s official housewarming party. Good times. =)

Sunday….let’s see…..we ate Long John Silver’s and it was everything I thought it could be. We checked out the downtown-ish shopping center “Montgomery Plaza”, then we headed to Lowes for more light fixtures. Bought some light fixture do-dads, and some moulding, some wire. Dropped by JB’s to pick up the propane tank and rehash the previous night’s events for the first time….of many to come. Went home, relaxed, called the Mothers, watched the Sopranos….Entourage…..went to bed.

Ta. Da.

Next weekend we can install the light fixures. More specifically, John installs, I hand him stuff and give him something to land on if he falls through the ceiling. 😉

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  • gauri - K still says “way of the future” the way Leo did in The Aviator. He still thinks it’s funny, like 2 yrs later. That’s all.

  • k - I’ve been doing that all week. Just with different phrases. 😉

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