What I thought I wanted…

So yesterday, I went to the gym fully convinced that my running goal for the day was to try and run my mile in 9 minutes. Apparently I was misinformed. After about 30 seconds running at around my 9 minute pace, I realized that my goal was in fact to actually run TWO miles – at a slightly slower pace. And I did! I ran two miles nonstop (with service to Austin, jk anyway….) in 21 min and 5 seconds. Not bad. I’m just happy I ran two miles without stopping! Bonus. I was talking to one of the fitness instructors later about the whole heart rate thing and she said that until the doc gets everything sorted out I shouldn’t push myself too hard. While I could use that as an excuse to not go to the gym at all – now is not the time. If I’m going to come up with an excuse it’s going to be something truly despicable like shopping or ‘work’, for goodness sake. Anyway, I did make it back today and finally did some strength training and ran another slower (still under 11 min) mile. Yay. Now I am sore. But tomorrow I have yoga – looking forward to it. We’re trying in vain doing back bends and will soon be learning headstands. Sounds like trouble…

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  • JaNae - Congrats on the 2 mile run! That’s awesome! Any marathon dreams in your future?

  • The 70's Couple - That is great!!! TWO miles non-stop……..the rest of us will have a hard time catching up when you come home:) Love you, Mom

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