When I was your age…

Ok, so for reasons I don’t remember, possibly having to do with a friend of mine, I created a FaceBook account. For those of you who don’t know what that is, (and by some chance know what MySpace is…) it’s like Myspace, but less flashy and more…. discussion oriented? I guess you could say. Basically, you create an account and link up with your friends, you leave comments, you join discussion groups and discuss and other various activities. Anyway, I get on there and my friend Tom is on there (not like Tom from Myspace – this is a real person) – and he is in a group called “When I was your age, Pluto was a planet”. And I thought, hey, that’s me! I should be in that group too. Fun times – I join the group, there is much discussion about how much everyone misses Pluto…people submit old photos that have anything to do with Pluto or childhood science projects about the planets, etc. It’s fun.

So apparently, this group has grown to be about the 2nd biggest group in Facebook with about 758,300 members as of today. And somebody wrote an article about the group. This stuff is killing me. Apparently NASA interviewed the guy that started the group to ‘discuss the Pluto situation’. I love it. I don’t know what my generation was called before, but I vote we change it to the Pluto Generation. =)

Here’s the link to the article: HI, I’M THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE
(Just an aside – someone started a discussion thread called “Can someone please give me ONE LOGICAL reason to believe God exists?” The discussion started on 10/25/06…to date, there have been 82,692 comments made by 2,554 people….and it’s still going. Interesting. )

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