I am tortoise, hear me….roar?

So, I heard back from the doc today about the heart stuff, and apparently I am NOT the bionic woman…or so they say.  A full two weeks after my echocardiogram, they told me that I have tiny leaks in two of the valves in my heart.  What does that mean? Basically, the blood pumps through the valve into another chamber, but in my case a teeny bit leaks back into the first chamber.  What does that mean for me?  Not too much, just a less efficient heart.  It is the apparent cause of my higher than average heart rate and also why it can go so high quickly.  For the most part it means nothing. They are keeping me on meds that lower my heart rate.  The biggest problem it causes me right now is that I have to basically rethink the way I am training for things coming up this year and how I exercise in general.  I do have to keep exercising. That’s very important. I can’t imagine what my HR would be like if I were out of shape and really overweight.   Anyhow, I’ve been really excited and motivated by the running and my accomplishments so far.   The biggest challenge is going to be NOT pushing myself too hard.  To reach my fitness/training goals I’m going to have to run longer distances and run them slower.  Because I’m on the meds, my target heart rate is lower, along with my MAX heart rate. Even though my heart rate can get well above my official “MAX” heart rate, I’m not supposed to let it.  So…this is going to be tricky, but I know I can do it.  I just don’t want to go through workouts thinking I’m slacking off when I know I could work harder.  Hopefully, over time, my heart will get used to running and I’ll be able to step up the speed/intensity without raising my HR too much.  So, that’s the 411 about this stuff.  If you wanna know the details, just send me an email or call if you are one of the lucky millions who have my number.

Shout out to the little girl looking for “Diane” who called my cell phone 6 times in a row.  I hope you found her.

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