Seasons of Posting

So, like my friend Cheryl, I have had many things on my plate that have pushed posting a little lower on the totem pole of things to be done. As much as I think posting regularly is important, I also don’t want this to become just another chore. I know you WPS’s (work place slackers) need something to read, but I think you are keeping yourselves sufficiently entertained from all the forwards, and videos I constantly receive… Us HOS (home office slackers) are trying to oblige with occasional reading material. Anyway, I am trying to avoid posting for the sake of posting, cause that’s just not as fun. And they are generally pretty boring. I’m not saying that a ‘normal’ post is NOT boring, I’m just saying….

So, life, let’s see. We are currently in the final phase of stage 1 of redoing the master bathroom. I spent a good majority of the weekend taping and painting and retaping and spraying and painting more and then getting high off all the paint fumes. We realized that the house was getting a little fumy when we both started complaining of headaches Sunday night…and decided to open some windows. Now it’s just touching up the paint, recaulking the counter, getting the rest of the sticky goop off the giant mirror, putting brand new sticky goop on the mirror and putting it back together (there is mirror moulding for the mirror, we didn’t break it) and then putting the (did i mention it was giant) mirror back on the wall.

Note the lovely 1980’s wallpaper that we had already started peeling off the walls. Isn’t it ‘rad’.  Although, it does reek a bit of early 90’s. Maybe it’s ’91-esque.

Stage 2 is finding new hardware that matches our new faucet….towel ring, cabinet pulls, etc….

Stage 3 is painting the part of the bathroom with the camel-mustard shower stall and toilet.

Step-by-step photos to follow. =)

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  • Mielinski - what part of the morning routine is the the WD-40 used for? =P is that why your hair is always so shiney??

  • k - very funny. the wd-40 was for when we replaced the faucet. =)

  • Cheryl aka HOS - thanks for the plug Karyn, glad we can be solidair together on getting our life priorities straight 🙂 I like reading about all your house projects, keep it coming.

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