Go ahead, sleep in, all you non-muddy people!

According to my desktop countdown widget, I have 12h 58m and 1 seconds until (it’s now now, when will then be now? Sooooon!) the start of the Mud Run race tomorrow morning. T-shirts and race numbers have been picked up.  Team shirts are almost finished.  Gear is ready and clean (silly, I know) but not in my typical OCD pre-race pile just yet.  Still need to pack the bookbag full of necessities: change of clothes, towels, camera, fruit, map of the course so J can run around and take pictures, and of course our race bracelets and all that stuff.   Now I just have to clean up the house for the post-race pizzafest and get everything in order, and then go to bed by at least midnight.  I’ve pretty much figured out that trying to go to bed early on a night before a race is useless.  Too much adrenaline.  I need to basically wear myself out getting everything absolutely ready, set 15 alarms and then go to bed.  One of our team coaches had a good point when another coach was worried he didn’t get enough sleep the night before a race:  “It’s not the night before you should worry about. It’s the night before that.”  As long as you have gotten good rest most of the week, one night with few hours of sleep, cause you’re sooooo excited isn’t going to hurt you.  It’s just when you string them together.  Ok, so enough. Must get things done and ready and stop procrastinating on here.  Wish me luck!!  Hopefully we can finish in less than two hours. I think that’s a good goal to have, but our real goal of course is to FINISH!!!  Woohoo! Go Mud Run! =)

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  • gauri - We don’t get to sleep in- I have to be downtown at court for my trial tomorrow by 7:15 am 🙁

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m not staying up because of nerves… I have to rewrite my closing statement, look up a few rules of evidence, go over a direct examination with a witness…. blah.

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