Let’s talk about procrastination! Gimme just one minute….

I put off many things.  I even put off procrastinating (this takes some skill).  I think I’ve procrastinated myself into some weird alternative universe where cleaning the house (which really and always needs to be done) makes me feel GUILTY.  Regardless of the fact that the house needs to be cleaned, that cleaning is a procrastination tool to avoid doing something less appealing, so it therefore becomes ‘active’ procrastination.  Easy to fix, you say, just do the less desirable thing and then you can clean without guilt.  That’s the best part – once the less desirable thing is finally complete….the desire to clean drops to a mere “well, I really should, but…”.   It started in college.  One minute you are finally sitting down to work on a huge paper, you go grab a snack, notice that the pantry is totally disorganized and before you know it all of the shelves are emptied and you are doing a kitchen reorg like never before – and of course you went back to the computer and spent 30 minutes looking up organization advice to help with this impromptu but MOST important project.  The paper waits.

Anyone else live in this universe with me?

So here’s my question….Do you go ahead and push aside the guilt and CLEAN the house that needs cleaning, thus eliminating the ‘active’ procrastination tool, or do you fight the urge and make yourself stare at the ‘less desirable’ task until somehow it gets down, or you start wondering what you’re making for dinner…..????

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