Oh What a Day.

The highs and lows of our last full day with our visitors.

– High: Everyone showed up ready to go to the park and a tour of John’s work (seperately, of course). And we developed a “schedule” for cat playtime.

– Lo: Right before we left for the park….both toilets and showers…became clogged/backed up/unusable. What fun! With 9 people who needed to use them throughout the coming day! This subsequently meant that our offer of “please come and do laundry at our house, it will make your life easier” became less of an option. Armed with this new information, we went to the park and the work tour and tried to use the restrooms at our lunch stop.

– High: The park was great and loads of fun!

-Random: the guys on the tour caught a glimpse of the leader of Norway, apparently..

-High: After lunch, (#1) was excited to watch the Colts game.

-Lo: He had to watch the rest of it at the laundromat while H washed their clothes. I’m such a helpful sister. “Please come do your laundry here. Oh, wait, nevermind.”

-High: We watched a fun movie with the kids at one of the few affordable theaters in town. John was still ‘working on the problem’ when we left, but he had it all fixed by the time we got home. He’s so wonderful. Did I mention he was wonderful?

-High: We had a yummy supper, thanks to H doing all the work! Good call on the rotisserie chicken btw. Plus, the cat started gettting used to his ‘interactive audience’ and started to play with them a bit more.

All in all a good day with lots of fun with a few twists and turns. That’s life right? We’re just so glad that they could come to Texas and we could spend time with everyone!!

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