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So, I went to kickboxing class yesterday for the first time since, oh, July? maybe even June?  I can’t even remember it’s been so long.  I’ve had good reason mind you.  All that talk about Mud run training? Those always were the same time as KB class, so mud run trumped.  Plus, the first couple of times I went to KB class after I got my heart rate monitor….wow.  Apparently taking all of one’s anger, frustration and bits of rage and focusing all of that energy through your fists and feet at a red punching bag….gets the heart rate up quite a bit. Who knew.  So I probably needed the break from the high intensity stuff anyway.  Not that MRT wasn’t hard, but it was a different kind of hard.  Kickboxing is a 30 min class, whereas MRT usually lasted 1.5 hours.

So I went back to class yesterday.  I started my half-marathon training program this week and thursday’s are crosstraining so YAY I can go back to kickboxing class.  It was nice to do my favorite thing again – roundhouse kicks.  But it was honestly funny to be back in there doing this class and to look in the mirror at the girl in the hot pink gloves.  This may not make any sense to most people, especially if you don’t go to group fitness class surrounded by huge mirrors that show you EXACTLY how stupid you look when you have your feet in the air and you are doing reverse crunches.  Bright side: everyone else looks just as silly, so it evens the playing field usually.  Anyhow,  if you take a class long enough, you just get used to what YOU look like when you do the workout.  You’re working on your form, doing exercises correctly, etc. and just generally not trying to make a fool of yourself.   If you happen to lose weight while taking this class, it generally happens gradually and you don’t necessary notice the changes quite so much.  It’s when you take a break from the class and then come back. (Although, it seems counterintuitve that STOPPING a class would lead to weight loss, but just say you went to a different class).  Anyway, I’ve been maintaining my current weight for almost 2 months now, so it’s not really new….but the last time I was in kickboxing, um…Iweighed about 18 pounds more than I do today.  So I was like what the? So THAT’s what my arms look like when I punch! I have muscles under there?  Where did the rest of my thighs go? What the? It was a nice change, but still caught me by surprise.  Funny thing was, this thought actually went through my head before class started: “What if I can’t hit the bag as hard as I used to because my arms/legs don’t have as much mass as they used to?”  How completely silly is that.  Anyway.  All of this was basically a long rant to say that I went to the gym and thought I looked skinnier in the mirror, and that was nice.  =) That’s all folks. Happy Friday.

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  • JaNae - Congrats on the weight loss–that’s awesome! Isn’t it amazing what running can do for your body? I never realized how great those long runs are for toning everything. Good luck with the half marathon training! I’m kinda jealous since I’ll have to wait until next fall to do my next one–careful, they get addicting!

  • Mielinski - so is it safe to say that your Hubby cant love you as much….since there isnt as much of you to love anymore??? how sad! =P keep up the good work!!

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