They made it!

My sis and family have made it to Texas. Arlington, Texas to be exact. Just a bit east of Fort Worth, and us. It’s all part of the same giant never-ending city anyway. We took them a welcome meal of buffalo wings (Note to the girl who TRIED to take our order at the BW3’s: Practice.) chicken nuggets, fries and chili…and lots of sauces. They were in good spirits, but clearly tired from their long 19-hour journey. Woohoo. “#4” has recovered from her mid-Oklahoma City realization that she has something in common with her mother and her aunt: Motion Sickness.

Here’s John giving them directions to our house tomorrow.

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  • Heather - And we really, really appreciated the room service! I think the kids would’ve revolted if we said we were getting back in the van last night, even if it was for food. : ) Thank you, Karyn and John!

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