Breck 2008 Part 3

Ah, Day Two. Oh how quickly did the morning come.

Seeing as 66% of the group had driven/ridden all through Wednesday night/Thursday morning and skied/boarded all day Thursday, it stands to reason that we were all a bit tired Thursday night. Plus, some ill-fitting boots, sock choices and boot fittings weren’t quite right, so those didn’t help the energy and foot comfort level either. So, after we all crashed Thursday night, you’d think we were up at the crack of dawn ready to hop on the slopes once again, right? Ur….uh….sure. We were excited, but did I mention we were up ALL WEDNESDAY NIGHT? Except for Carl of course – he slept remember 😉 The lifts don’t start up until 830 or so anyway, so we all had a hearty breakfast and got ready while we listened to the avalanche blaster people do what they do. A reassuring sound while you are in your condo, not as reassuring whilst on the mountain.

So, it’s my big day. I “know how to snowboard” now. ha. So J is nice and decides to ski with me in the morning on my first real attempts at getting down the hill. Obviously, I’m going to be slow, but he was nice and waited for me….every 100 feet or so. Oh, just wait until you see the video. I would like to rename what I did last weekend ‘snailboarding’, seriously. So one trip down the mountain! Yeah! I didn’t fall off the lift that time. I did the next time, but oh well. How will you learn how NOT to get off the lift if you don’t fall?

Speaking of falling. hehe. Falling itself is just part of the process. Even people who actually know how to snowboard well, fall. Not wanting to stand out from the crowd, I of course followed suit and fell quite often. No big deal. Of course there are the FALLS. The ones that happen somewhere further up the mountain that then result in a person wrapped up in a foil blanket inside an orange body sled being pulled by a snow mobile to zoom past down the mountain. And that didn’t happen to ANYONE IN OUR GROUP! Yay! Of course I think the experience of seeing that or being that on previous ski trips led some of our boys to ski with a little more sense and take fewer “let’s go THIS way!” risks this time. Except for Carl of course.

But there are the other types of falls. The ones that don’t necessarily warrant medical attention or keep you from somehow getting down the mountain intact, but that REALLY HURT. Me, I landed on my tailbone. Hard. Not cool. That was …. Friday (1/25) and yes, it still hurts. One of the other girls on our trip, the only other snowboarder actually, had a bad fall and hit her head and messed up her neck some. But she recovered pretty well after a day or so. So, needless to say, although I didn’t want it to, this extremely sore tailbone issue had an effect on the progression of my snowboard skills. I did go up once more that day and somehow VERY slowly made it down the mountain, but that was it. Me sore. Me go home now.

Friday night was Lasagna night…. some games were played, MUCH more Guitar Hero, and we watched a few movies. It was also the second night of “completely messed up thermostat settings” which combined with several other factors led to half of us up and needing to use the restroom (that we 3 happened to all share) at 3am. Oh well, we took turns and were nice, although incoherent. So, yeah, I didn’t sleep well, at all. But that was DAY TWO.

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  • Bob R. Smith - not to scare you but I know someone that messed up learning to snowboard, hurt the tailbone, and had to sit on a mini intertube donut for months/years? so… be gentle till it’s better. and more info! 🙂 there are like two days left.

  • heather - Keep posting! I like hearing about your trip. ; ) Now, where are the pics of YOU?

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