Down for the Count

Ok, so our week of post vacation vacation isn’t shaping up exactly the way we would have liked.  I’m still working on stuff that I needed to get done, but J, who was hoping to relax and enjoy this extra time off, maybe get some things done around the house, go do something fun… stuck being sick.  He’s been fighting some version of a cold for almost 3 weeks now.  Up to now it’s been mosty sinus and congestion stuff, but now it’s moved on to sore throat and losing your voice stuff.  So not so wonderful of a vacation.  And while it’s no fun spending your vacation days being sick, at least we don’t have to go through the pain of that whole – taking a sick day, getting a doc’s note business.  He’s already home, he can just sleep and get better. 

Me on the other hand – I’m not sick … yet.  I’m a little worried because I’ve held out so long.  During our time in Ohio I thought for sure at any moment I would start in with the cold business.  All I’ve had to deal with are my allergies, and they haven’t been too bad.  So, I’m either going to get hit with a whammy of a cold when J finally gets better, I’ve developed some sort of freakish immunity of late, or by some miracle, I’ve had the cold he has now.  My luck the cold will wait until we go skiing to hit me. That’ll be fun.  =)

So, what else is going on? Just getting back into the hectic swing of life.   Just because Christmas shopping is done and all that, doesn’t mean my to-do list has grown any shorter.  Birthday cards and presents still need to be bought and sent.  The question is, will 2008 be an ‘on time’ card and present year like 2007? or will it be like 2006, where EVERYTHING was sent about 2 weeks late – all year long.  Maybe a healthy mix of both.  There’s plenty of work for me to jump back into right now and well, of course, I have NOT unpacked yet.  I did manage that trip to the grocery which I am VERY happy I was able to get out of the way.  At least we have food.  And I ran my first run of 2008 last night in my brand new (take 2) shoes.  A quick 2 miles on the treadmill.  Only hundreds more to go.

Well, my to-do list is growing by the minute so I must get to it. Have a happy thursday everyone.

*It was a ‘jersey’ Christmas at my parents house this year.

        Jersey tally:
  Manning = 2
  Gonzales = 1
  Buckeye = 1
  Brady = 1

The football games have already begun….

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