You’re Welcome LSU.

For the two touch downs we gave you by helping you down the field with personal fouls, you’re welcome.

For the second chances we gave your offense, you’re welcome.

For your defensive coordinator from Ohio, you’re welcome.

And for you coach, from Ohio, you’re welcome.

Big Ten, SEC, blah, blah, blah.

If you’re team is defined by those who control it….then you’re more Big Ten than you think.

By the, way, I think the Gators coach was a Buckeye too…..hmmmm.

Congratulations LSU, enjoy the pressure next year. We’ll be watching.

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  • heather - Well, that’s just an excellent post. I agree completely. A little humility for the fact that we scored 24 points and handed them two touchdowns on silver platters would not have hurt.

    I hope Tressel can help the team put things in perspective and have a good next season. He’s a great coach.

    One more slightly bitter thought: if the media, commentators, and coaches (sans Big Ten) in college football have such absolute certainty that the Big Ten is inferior, why, oh why, would they still rank Ohio State so highly all season?

  • k - Apparently we were “least inferior” by default. Honestly, I was completely suprised we were even playing in the game to begin with. I mean, I’m glad we made it there, that’s cool and all, but it didn’t seem like that was the mission all year. They were just playing good football, and the other people lost more than we did…and there you are. Oh well, I just looked at the rankings for next year. LSU is losing 11 senior starters and is ranked like 12th. We are #2. =) Beats #1 😉

  • Bob R. Smith - um no 2 was a bad thing to be this year.

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