What’s really going on here

So, I guess with all the posting about chocolate and  bizarre snakes and distracting things, I haven’t really written much about what’s going on.  The biggest upcoming news is that I’m running, seriously, in the Cowtown Half-marathon in two days here in Fort Worth.  Yeah, I don’t believe it either, but the proof is staring right at me pinned up to the wall in front of me in the form of my paid event registration receipt.   It’s a new step for me, big miles, no joke.  So, I’m a bit nervous, but I am determined to at least finish the darn thing.  I harbor no delusion (nor does any who knows me) that I will be running this event with anything one would describe as ‘speed’.  Even for a half-marathon.  I’m giving myself a safe estimate of 12 min/mile averages resulting in a finishing time of around 2:37.  That’s of course an estimate, because I’ve NEVER RUN 13.1 MILES AT ONCE BEFORE!  I’ve run 8, which I am still very proud of, so I can at least say that I’ve run more than half the distance.   I just have to say to myself when I get to mile 8, ‘well, it’s just 5.1 miles now. you can do that! pretend you’re starting right now’.  To which myself will say back (none of this being said out loud, mind you or they might take me off the course as the crazy lady talking to herself), who are you kidding?  My knees and my hips will KNOW that I have already run 8 miles.   I looked at the course map and it should be an interesting route at least, beginning with a nice downhill.  If only that were at the end.

My biggest decision right now is whether or not to wear my headphones.  There is this whole ‘head-phones-banned-at-USTF (US track and field) sanctioned races that began last year.  I looked it up and this race is sanctioned, but no where on the website does it mention anything about ipods or headphones at all.  And the ban is inconsistently applied it seems at races across the country.  Aside from the allowed-to-or-not question, I’m not sure whether I want to or not.  Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking – Wouldn’t you get bored running that long without something to listen to?  Training? Yes, but when you are actually racing with all of those people, it is a different environment.  Part of the running training I’ve also been learning about focuses on paying attention to your body and stride, technique… all that while you are running – which is easier to do when you aren’t trying to zone out listening to your carefully chosen playlist that you spent the night before organizing to go with the race.  Then again, did I mention I would be running for over 2 and a half hours.   I still definitely plan on having my ipod with me to track my distance of course.  If I’m running that much, I’m gonna get credit darn-it!  I was hoping my friends who would be running the 10k could at least run with me the first 6 miles, but we start and run completely different routes.  Only the half and full marathoners start at the same place.  So it’s pretty much just me.  I’m leaning towards not wearing the headphones, but we’ll see.

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