These people are driving me crazy!

Ok, not to get too into the political discussion area, but the whole uproar about the pastor and Mr. Obama and the way the news people just won’t let it go.  I found this clip on youtube…yes it is spliced and someone else put together the editing.  The part that illustrates it the most is of Chris Dodd and the other senetor Shumer talking to the fox news guy in minute 4:20 and right after to about 6:12….. How many times can one person fit the phrase “that he BELONGED TO” in one interview. Seriously.  I don’t know about you, but there have been lots of times when I have disagreed with a pastor of the church that I BELONGED to, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave.  Sorry, it just irks me that all they do (on both sides of the media bias) is ask questions that don’t matter.  They’re all very good at that.  Is it over? Did it matter? Are we in a recession?  (financial side note) If you people would quit asking that question and freaking everybody out and just reported the FACTS of how the economy is doing…maybe it wouldn’t have to be such a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anyway, here’s the clip.  There are a million out there just like it, edited to be pro and anti obama.  I’m not necessarily for him. Right now I’m not FOR anybody, I’m just sitting back and listening to what they (the candidates) have to say (through words AND actions) at this point still.

Soon to come, Daily show clips…. =)

Ok, and one more gripe (which I can show if I find the Daily Show clip i need) is the whole ‘hypothetical’ stuff that the news folks come up with that is TOTALLY not based in any reality except paranoia and worst case scenario thinking. Stuff like, ‘what if O WROTE the sermons….oooohhh wouldn’t that be worse! then we’d really have something to gripe about’….

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  • auntie n - Totally agree w/you!!! Amen.!

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