I found my word.  More appropriately, it found me. Lately I’ve been letting ideas and potential decisions just sit for awhile and ‘marinate’. And it’s been refreshing at how well they are seeming to work themselves out and find their own solutions. I didn’t try to force choose a word, I just let it go and then yesterday evening J and I were discussing this whole photographer thing and I was telling him about all the wonderful resources I’ve found and all the wonderful and extremely talented women photographers and artists I had found that were DOING what they wanted, and were successful and they were being…THEMSELVES.


And this stuck in my brain the rest of the night and then after some lovely Chipotle after going to the gym…it hit me (not the Chipotle).  My word should be about being myself.  All this photographer insight I am finding keeps telling me to be myself  – so what better way to help me objectively, and not so objectively, take a look at that – than to take 28 pictures (it is for February after all) of things/places/ideas….that are ….. me?

But aren’t I already doing that? I mean, 365 pictures of me seems to fit the bill.  But those are just pictures of me, the person – not me, the music lover, the collector of random things, the cook, the cat lover, the owner-of-too-many-cute-shoes-that-she-never-wears.  Those things are part of what makes me me – and what will hopefully help me become clear on the ME I am as a photographer.

So I didn’t have an exact word until this morning.   I was listening to the rest of an audio book and the author just came out and said my word: Genuine.  Or, more specifically, Genuinely Me.  So for February and the Shutter Sisters One Word Project, my word is going to be Genuine.  That should at least make for some more interesting posting than just more pictures of my feet. 😉

The irony that all of  this ME focusing is happening as I continue to seek to put God first in my life is not lost on me.  I only hope that it is a humbling process and perhaps I will see how much of Him shows up through me.

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  • Heather - love YOU

  • Elizabeth - I’m loving this oneword project and will keep my eyes open for you. your images. and words. I love what you have to say here…

  • k - Thanks. I am really looking forward to this one.

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