Getting Through A Book. Magazine. Page. Article. Sentence. Thought.


Does anyone else find it nearly impossible to FINISH reading anything.  I don’t even have children and I can barely finish a magazine. I’ve been reading this one little magazine for 2 weeks already and I just made it to the cover article (which is very good, btw).  2 points to whoever can guess the magazine.  Significance of points earned TBD.

I think my problem is that I’m way too distractible and and I have incompatible poor timing when choosing to read.  Which my friends and family must be concerned about because they all know that I can usually tune out anything when I am reading.  It’s like sleep I think.  When you are just drifting off to sleep, one thought, one noise can snap you right out of it.  When you are in deep sleep, good luck.

So how do you get through reading your books/magazine/take-out menus? Do you have a system? A schedule? Come on, let’s hear it.

And…whatcha readin?

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  • auntie n - When you are reading a book or magazine that is really, really good – you won’t lose interest…!! Is that the same as saying you must be reading dull stuff??
    Maybe I should have said when I’m reading a good book – I can’t put it down – & that means up till all hours — etc.
    Oh – what I have been reading latly — “Slaves in the Family” – slower going – but interesting..

  • Heather - This is somewhat like asking, “I can’t seem to find time to eat…do you have a system for food?”

    I know, I am so not-helpful.

    You’ll have to find your pattern. Aunt N. had good point — it has to be worth reading.

    Reading John Adams right now. One great book I don’t know if I mentioned: Same kind of Different as me. Excellent.

  • Karyn - True true. I guess i’m just very distracted when it comes to ANYTHING right now and I need to find a time when I can consistently read without using worktime or hangout with family time. It would help if J could find something HE couldn’t put down. then we could ignore each other.

    All my books are screaming ‘eh’ to me right now. The only one I REALLY want to read, I’m still waiting on. And the jokes in readers digest. I’ve been devouring them. =)

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