Taking Big Steps

I took some BIG steps yesterday towards making the things I do (currently and coming up) more REALS.  I mean, they are real, but this is like official-real, and that’s different.  It is cumbersome and encouraging at the same time.  I feel simultaneously burdened by new responsibilities and that whole BEING a grown-up thing (not just playing one), and validated and hopeful that this can all be real and awesome and …. real.  Did I say it was real?

Anyways. In a mostly unrelated tangent – here are some pics from yesterday mornings wonderful icey coating.  Granted, I did not leave the house yesterday so what I call ‘wonderful’, others would call ‘stuck-in-traffic-for-the-whole-day’.  Sorry folks.

Leaf 2
Ice 1
Leaf 1
Shiny coating
sparkle layer

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