Other Blogs You Should Be Reading

So today I’m going to tell you to go away. Go away (for a while at least) and read some other blogs! These blogs are the ones I check out regularly because they provide great information, adorable things, ideas, inspiration and just an all around good time. Beware some of them may cause blog envy, cause they are WAY cool.

Shutter Sisters – just. go. trust me.

Homeschool Diva – um, because she’s awesome. that’s why.

Can’t Get There From Here – all non-Texan natives living in Texas should read this blog. Also mothers, and people who just enjoy reading good posts. Cause that’s all this blog has  – good posts. 😉  Plus she asks great questions!!

Jen Lee – writers! read her blog. anyone with a hint of a creative bone in your body. read her blog. she will inspire you! plus she’s got a cool new camera and her pictures are so awesome!

Soeurs du Jour – two sisters living in different cities post pics. very neat to see their different perspectives.

Take that one step further and you have Leah meets Brandon.  Two people who’ve never met, living in different countries. Trust me, these are cool.

I think that ought to keep you busy for awhile.  Laters and enjoy!

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  • Katie in MA - I’d like to thank God, because I can feel God in this Chili’s tonight… Oops, wait…Not The Office. 🙂

    Seriously, though, thank you for saying such sweet things! (Your check is in the mail.) This is my first “shout out” and I couldn’t be happier. Now

    I’m off to check out my fellow Dundee-winners. 🙂 Already a dedicated fan of Shutter Sisters and Soeurs du Jour – bet I’ll have a few more Favorites to add!

  • margie and kath - woo hoo, thanks for the mention!! so nice to hear people really like us.

  • Kath - Thank you! You are so sweet and say the kindest things 😉


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