The Random List of Things You Might Enjoy: Special Twitter Edition

Here we are again. Just a few things this week. Most of them about Twitter.

Twitter!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

First, because I feel I should do my part to educate anyone reading about the mysteries of twitter… Here are places where someone else has said it better.  First read this from Kristen to get an idea about twitter and WHY people use it.  You won’t care about the what, until you understand the WHY. And here is a link to a page that has a bunch of information concerning the WHAT, and HOW of Twitter.  There is even a simple video you can watch that explains it.

Ok – so after you’re all signed up, you have your little @name and you’re all ready to go …. then it’s like, well “what do I do now!”

  • First things first – find me on Twitter. I’m @karynkelbaugh and type this “@karynkelbaugh Hey! I’m on here now, so follow me already!”  If I actually know you – I’ll follow you. =) And I might just follow you anyway for awhile to get you started.
  • Second – search Twitter for other people you know – follow them.
  • Third – Follow some famous/public figure people.
  • People I have enjoyed following from time to time include: Ellen DeGeneresMartha Stewart (she’s actually pretty fun/posts a lot of pics), and @RealHughJackman.
  • Just search for people you are interested in, look at who THEY are following and maybe you’ll find some fun people.

Important note: You DO NOT have to follow someone just because they start following you. Only follow people you want to follow.  You can unfollow people at anytime.

Find people with similar interests: If you go to you can search for a topic, say ‘Star Wars’.  All the people talking about Star Wars will show up and you can find people with similar interests – then you can find people they are following that are interesting…and on and on and on it goes.  So clearly this is not a comprehensive Twitter post – but it’s a start.  That’s all you need to start is just a little bit of information to get you going.  And remember – Twitter is what you make it.  Have fun!

Oh, and here’s a song to Twitter to!

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  • Kristen - Thanks for the shoutout, lovely!

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