Time for Schnitzel (Day 3)

For those of you just tuning in, this is the 3rd post in the continuing saga our our European vacation. I’m pretty much telling the story how I wrote it in my travel journal. So, enjoy!

5.10.09 [Mother’s Day]

We did manage Mother’s Day text messages. Yup. You heard me.
The quote of the day came from Cheryl “I’m going to get my schnitzel after all!” Awesome. Sunday – we woke up @ 8am to get the day started. Had breakfast (coffee and bread w/salami). Cheryl had us on a pretty tight schedule (she’s cool like that) today to make sure we fit everything in before we caught our train to Munich (München) in the afternoon. So first we took a walk around Aschaffenburg.

They live close to the Main River, so we walked down along the river and up some stairs through a riverside vineyard into a beautiful walking garden. It was designed for King Ludwig (the first) by a guy who loved Italian style, so it is very Italian, with Roman statues, etc.

The view of the river from the garden was beautiful.

We also went into the courtyard of the Johannisburg Palace .

Then we walked around the old streets of Aschaffenburg – old houses and some of their most famous breweries. Then we headed back to their place. The walk only took about an hour or so, but the weather was great. Then we headed in the car to the “Grüner Hahn”  -which is a famous place to get schnitzel. They have about 60 different kinds you can order and the sizes (no joke) are L, XL, XXL, and XXXL!  Cheryl had never been, but Tim had.  She looked up the address online – on our way there Tim said this wasn’t the way they went before, apparently there are more than 1 of these very near to each other. Go figure.  Cheryl was worried until we saw all the schnitzel on the menu. (thus the quote)  John had schnitzel w/ham and cheese (XL) and I had schnitzel with bacon and onions (L).

So good, but I couldn’t finish mine!  I also had a glass of apflwein pur (applewine) – very good.  Stuffed. For hours.  We went back to their place and waited to go to the station. Cheryl was soooo sweet and helpful and got us ready to go – to the station – and helped us figure out the station info and gave us tips (and juice and water) for Munich.

….. the train ride was so nice….

…. We got off our train in Munich and booked it to our hotel, Hotel Uhland.  Nicklaus was there to greet us and gave us our key and info.  Went upstairs (on the elevator big enough for 2 people, but not their luggage) and dropped our stuff off then went for a walk across the Oktoberfest Plaza area.  So empty, but huge!  It was threatening rain, but it never did.  We were STILL recovering from the Schnitzel, so we just went to bed.

I know, thrilling, right?

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