Because That’s How We’ve ALWAYS Done It

Worst. Reason. Ever.

For a lot of things, actually. And I could go into the deeper organizational problems caused by this reasoning, but today I’ve got something lighthearted, useful, and Totally Rad that has come from the people who take this statement, put it through the super shredder and mix it in with their Wheaties and yes…eat it for breakfast.  That would of course be the UBER AWESOME people over at Totally Rad Actions!!!

So you’re going along, your editing your photos, making it work, spending hours tweaking this and that – and then someone comes along – and they took your this and your that and made them into something better, something quicker and smarter.  And then, they did it again, and again, for those stuff like that there’s and the how in the world did i do that and can I ever do it again’s.  And they called them Totally Rad Actions, and it was good.  And of course they didn’t rest, they kept working and making newer, awesomer actions and plugins and goodies and they just keep going, and going….

Alas, I only have the samples at the moment, but my new photo friends from Love Affair in Atlanta let me try out their TRA‘s and I saw first hand the wonderfulness of them, so I’m saving up my cereal box tops and I’ll have my own real live TRA’s very soon!!!  So PLEASE go check them out!!!!


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  • Katie in MA - Oh, I love love loved the rusty cage treatment. I could play for hours just with their samples…I can’t imagine how fun it would be with my own “real” pics!

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