Finally, Some Atlanta Show and Tell

The Love Affair Workshop was truly amazing.   There is still so much I am processing in my brain that it’s hard to sum it up quickly. But I’ll do my best by mentioning a few of my favorite parts.

  • The Girl Factor! I mean, boys are great and all, but we all know that women and men tend to learn differently.  So the environment we were learning in was just very woman focused. Everyone felt comfortable learning, teaching, admitting what we didn’t know (which we can tend to avoid when boys are around – admit it). So the setting and teaching styles were just perfect.
  • OUR WONDERFUL TEACHERS!! I cannot say enough wonderful things about our 4 instructors Davina, Millie, Lauren and Kelly!  They are all simply amazing. They each brought so many unique ideas and perspectives it was impossible not to learn something profound and helpful for your photography and business.
  • Did I mention that our teachers were awesome? Just checking.
  • Our hotel! We stayed at the W in Atlanta, saw famous people, saw people who were hoping to become famous people, and just enjoyed the wonderful treat and photographer eye candy that was the architecture and design of this hotel. Seriously, it was beautiful.
  • A chance to practice and apply our new skills and techniques! One of my favorite parts was getting to do a model shoot. It was actually a competition assignment. We got put into 14 separate groups of 4 photographers each – all with our own model or model couple. Then we had 2 hours to shoot around Atlanta and had to submit an individual shot, and a group shot that had to incorporate several elements. I am very proud of my group and to say that we WON the group shot competition.  I’ve posted that pic below.  Awesome Christen ‘pulled the trigger’ and got the composition just right, but we all participated in setting up the shot and trying out ideas until we got the perfect one.  Me – I was the movie screen (aka: the person holding and triggering the flash) =)  I didn’t win the individual shot competition – but my pic made everyone chuckle – and that counts as a win for me. =)
  • Time to interact with our instructors and just for everyone to get to know each other.  They scheduled time each night for us all literally just to hang out together.  We could ask more photo related questions, or just learn more about each other and build great friendships…which leads me to my next favorite thing.
  • Making FRIENDS! And having an awesome roommate!!  I met so many Texas girls and girls from all over – Teri‘s even living in England!!  I now have a huge brand new group of girlfriends that I can talk to about photography, and all that goes with running a business and they get it. And that is priceless.

There is so much more and I could go on and on for days. For now, I’m just going to leave you with a few of my favorite shots. Many more to come, don’t worry.

This was our winning group shot! Woohoo!

This was my individual shot. We were almost done with the shoot and she made this face and I was right there and it was perfect.

There was a wonderful woman with a SWEET T-bird who let us use her car in some of the shots. Thanks Susan! She also invited us into her condo building which was where we snapped our winning shot.

And I can’t forget to mention our totally awesome and wonderful model Kim! She is actually a photographer herself and she and her sister drove from another state to help out and be models at Love Affair!!!

I just loved this table – in a little restaurant we ate in.

So, stay tuned, there is more to come!

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  • Jessica Klima - Yay! I love this post! It totally takes me back to last week!

  • Katie in MA - Soooo glad you finally posted about your trip! And the shots are amazing. Your individ shot made me laugh out loud, and I loved the b&w one of her feet against the wall. The group shot was stunning. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

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