Just your standard middle of the week life post

Wow. There is so much going on right now. For once, I have more to post about than time to post!  I have more East:West posts coming and WAY more Europe posts coming – we’re only 1/3 of the way through on those! And I can’t stop thinking or talking about what a wonderful experience the Love Affair Workshop was!

Oh, by the way, Sock Cat says hello. I bought him from the Today’s Harvest Farm shop in New Paris, OH. I think his real name is Blinky. =)


Aaaaaanyway, I realized today that I have not written about the real cat, the star of the household, lately on here.  Do you know why I realized that? I think the exact moment came right after I had finished cleaning up the poo he had decided to extract from his litter box (which has a swinging DOOR – which he can barely manage to get through himself, most days) and roll ALL the way down our quite long hallway and even manage to get some of it across the living room near the front door.  I apparently did not pay attention to him for 5 whole minutes, and this is what happens.  I noticed him, playing with the poo as if it were just another fun toy – and then doing the cover-up-digging-motion on the carpet. Oh no you didn’t! So we played the hide behind the love seat game for about 2 seconds before I just pulled it away from the wall and grabbed him -showed him ALL of the poo, up close and personal and rubbed his face in it politely explained to him that this was very bad (to make myself feel like what I said made a difference) – and then locked him up in the carrier for awhile.  Thank goodness it was not new and fresh poo.  No, that might have earned him a stint in the backyard with the REAL wild animals.  So yeah, thought you pet owners might get a chuckle and my sister will now have one more reason never to have animals in her house.  =)

But thankfully that was just a small moment in my week. Most of my week has consisted of wonderful and exciting things like trips to IKEA, and fun, impromptu photo shoots, and actually getting through some of the non-photo work that’s been piling up.  It’s amazing what I can get done when I work on a little bit of everything for a little bit, everyday! Who knew 😉

So what am I planning to add to my never ending list of things to post? Well, this weekend is my friend Jeffiner’s big Off Road Triathlon out at Joe Pool Lake!  The one that I may or may not have talked her into doing – all by herself.  She has been rocking the training and is in WAY better shape than I am right now and she is going to do soooo well!!  Although she doesn’t like happy chipper encouragement while she’s racing, so I’ve been coming up with some good chiding things to yell at her as she swims/bikes/runs past. Plus, I’m gonna take me some awesome pictures.  Just to show you all how awesome she is, and hopefully to include in my slowly growing Effort project.

And what with all the bridal shower/bachelorette party activity going on as well this weekend, it should be a busy one.  Later peoples. =)

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