Same Old Saturday Night

Ok, no crazy new or cute adorable pictures. No, tonight I’m feeling nostalgic. My good friend Jason is getting married next week and I get to be their photographer and I’m so excited. You have no idea how FUN this wedding is going to be. You just have no idea. Plus, I get to meet, in person, the wonderful Kristen from Essential Imagery! Dude! I mean, seriously. It’s just going to be awesome. So Congratulations Mr. Renaissance Man Jason and his bride to be!!  See you in a week!

This was at our friend Steve’s wedding in what, like 2003?  You Henschens. You’re all hams. All of you. I can’t wait! =)

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  • mommyknows - Have you photographed many weddings? I am nowhere near read, BUT when I think about it, I am terrified. Such a huge responsibility! No pressure!

  • Karyn - ……………not many as a paid photographer. But I am starting to book some. Only going to do a few a year (if they come my way). Mostly focusing on the portrait stuff. But I love creative weddings!

  • Katie in MA - And here I was thinking that when you said you were feeling nostalgic, you were going to post pics of your soon-to-be-married friends from prom! Oops. I was a little off. But it sounds incredibly fun! Can’t wait to see the pics.

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