There’s an Artist in there somewhere

I started something this morning. It feels good to say that in the past tense. I’m not going to start, I started.  I’m on my way.  Nothing crazy, nothing seemingly profound. I’m just going to write 3 pages in the morning, every morning, for the next 12 weeks.  It’s my homework from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron that I’ve just begun reading, thanks to recommendations from the wonderful Davina Fear and Millie Holloman at the Love Affair workshop I attended in Atlanta.  I bought the book a few weeks ago, but finally sat down and started reading it this week.  I bought the hard copy version that includes the other 2 companion books that Julia wrote called Walking in this World and Finding Water.  And honestly, I have to say I just love the feel of the book.  That may sound silly, but after so many years of cheap paperbacks and your hands cramping up while you’re trying to hold the book open while lying in bed.  It’s just nice to have a book that can lay there, open and ready to be written all over. =) It even has a pretty red ribbon place holder.

Ok, well aside from the book itself just being a delight, I am loving what I am reading so far.  So now it’s a matter of following the course, and making sure I get my 3 pages in everyday. This morning it was not difficult to fill three pages.  I can generally do stream of consciousness pretty well.  So here goes!!!

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  • Mary Anne Morgan - yay! I am inspired! That is so cool, Karyn. Let us know how it goes:)

  • Katie in MA - Good for you! The hardest part for me is always beginning. Once I find my rhythm, I’m golden. And if I fall out of my rhythm, look out. But even just knowing all of that about myself helps me keep my stride.

  • Heather - Awesome.

  • Amber(life like i see it) - I did this book 2 years ago. It is when the whole phtography thing kicked off. Hope you enjoy it like I did!

  • Kristen Kalp - The Artist’s Way is the book that got me to become a photographer. It will change your life.

    (Read: you just inspired a Brand Camp post.)

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