So, Remember When We Went To Europe “or” Don’t Get Too Excited, It’s Just Apt. Pics

When we last saw our happy couple, they had just arrived in Dublin, Ireland and were walking many blocks in the rain to get to their riverside apartment. They finally reached it, thank goodness. So we dumped our stuff and I proceeded to take pictures of the whole place (of course) because it was HUGE. I mean, if I were going to take a group of friends or some family, this is totally the place to stay.  So, before I grace you with the seriously large quantities of Ireland pictures I took, I’m showing you our Irish digs.

So there you have it. For some reason I didn’t take pictures of the quite nice but weirdly set up bathroom at this place. Oh well. No one’s loss really. =) So I promise I’ll have more pictures from outside our Dublin apartment soon.  Laters.

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  • Katie in MA - Looks fab – I bet the “outside” of Dublin was even fabber! (Yes, I get to make up words when I’m this tired.)

  • Heather - Not complaining. Really, I’m not. But I’ve been waiting how long?! for more trip details and I get a tour of your apartment? Can John start writing the reports?

    LOVE YA!

  • Karyn - ……………….ha……you’re funny.the ‘reports’ are already hand written by me, if you’d like to visit and type them all up, that would certainly move things along. =)

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