The Europe Diaries|First Full Day In Ireland (Day 7)

I’m posting a real Europe post. Seriously? Seriously. So, in case it’s been too long, I’m just typing up what I wrote from my journal on that particular day of our trip (back in May, seriously) and then sharing a few favorite or telling pics from the day.  Enjoy!

[5.14.09] {Dublin, Ireland}

Ok – Thursday – it’s hard to remember what day of the week it is now that we’re in vacation mode, but the days do have a bearing on what we are doing, so I guess I still have to pay attention.  So we got up today and figured out how these showers work.  Pretty simple, only a few quirks.   Getting ready took awhile because a) we were tired; b) I was still trying to figure out how to get things dry in the washer/dryer “Aquarius +” and was waiting on a pair of jeans; c) all of the above.  =)  Finally ready to go – we headed over to the reception desk and got (paid for) breakfast vouchers for a Cafe Irie up the street.  Cute little Jamaican style cafe playing Jack Johnson music.  I had a nice large coffee and a strawberry-vanilla muffin – yum!  J had the breakfast wrap with sausage, eggs, tomato, etc.  We headed out from there to Trinity College.  It was still raining lightly, so walking in it wasn’t too fun, but we made it there ok.  Went in to see the Book of Kells and the “Long Room” – a very old hall with really old classic books like Sherlock Holmes, etc. and busts of lots of historic people.  Of course I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures here so [giant gap in picture flow!] but I took some outside while apologizing to my camera for exposing it to the elements.

Then we headed over to the Grafton St. area for some lunch.  We ate at Davy Byrnes; yummy sandwiches and J had his first pint of Guiness.  We headed over to the National Museum of Ireland [free!].  It had all kinds of ancient artifacts from the island – very neat – and again, no pictures allowed =(  Then we headed back to Grafton St. to do some browsing – went in several shops but didn’t find anything to buy.  Then we headed to a convenience/deli shop to buy sandwiches for supper and food to take back for breakfast on Friday, went back and at dinner.  Then it was off to the Temple Bar area.  We went into the Temple Bar itself for a couple of drinks and some live music.  € € € ($$$) for Guiness and a Jameson and coke.  Then we checked out the Temple Bar shop and went and checked out Farringtons, another bar.  A little more low-key than the Temple Bar (less touristy). Then we headed back and called it a night.


Yes. It pretty much rained all day.

Trinity College

Our lunch spot.




A sign of things to come. (i.e. driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road)


helpful reminders.


just so you KNOW we were there






Tada! Ok, hopefully it won’t be months before I can post the next one. Stay tuned: More rain!! =)

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