Pig Races, Fried Everything, & the Creepiest Parade Ever

[Warning: clown content]

Fried [insert favorite food here].  Sounds wonderful, right? Well, we tried a healthy large portion of the fried goodies at the Texas State Fair last night.  It was a great night to go check out the fair honestly, it was cool, but not too cold, which kept a lot of folks home, even for a Friday night, plus it was cloudy and it had just rained all night.  But it was perfect.  My friend Jeffiner had been disappointed the previous year and didn’t get to see the pig races – so the first item on the agenda, after a short stop to try some fried bacon – of course, were the pig races.  Sadly, we were too late for the Canine Freestyle Dancing…


Fried Bacon

Fried Bacon

Umm…I’m just going to let you watch for yourselves.

Run Forest Run! from Karyn Kelbaugh on Vimeo.



So…yeah…. Then we left and got some ‘real’ food over at the Owens pork barn stand – a decent pork burger – nothing compared to my hometown fair though – but they had hot cocoa and that was awesome. Good old Swiss Miss.  Then it was on to start trying all the friedness at the fair. On our way around we encountered pretty much the creepiest parade ever.

It started out pretty normal, mounted police, a marching band, some pageant winners on cars and floats…



And then it took a distinct turn to creepy town…






…yeah… and then some shriner guys in a truck.


So yeah. That was different.

Anyway, back to the fried food and the other odd things at the fair.


Fried PB&J with banana. Due to a childhood episode involving melted bananas, I didn’t try it, but I heard it was pretty good.


Fried S’mores – yummy.


Jeffiner got the fried peaches and cream – they were probably my favorite


John had the fried cheesecake – pretty good. Tasted a lot like crepes from Ihop to me.  Although – after all the ‘fried’ – all you taste is the fried.





And it’s not the Texas State Fair without Big Tex



Part of the butter sculpture. yep.


The wall of preserved fruit and vegetables.



And no, we didn’t ride any fair rides. We did however pay $1 to see The WORLD’S SMALLEST HORSE! Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me take his picture [gasp! surprise] so you’ll just have to go see for yourself. [hint: don’t].

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cotton candy to finish.

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  • Katie in MA - I have been here for almost 10 years and still haven’t been to the fair. I meant to go this year, but the weather didn’t cooperate. The girls’ dad took them this weekend and Bee was so upset that she didn’t have any “nottin’ candy” at mom’s house. Her eyes filled with tears and her chin quivered and everything, poor little thing.

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