She’s Unstoppable & Of Course Fierce | Holiday Session Sneak Peek

She is awesome, and speedy, and sweet, and I’ve been photographing her since her wonderful mommy let me try my hand at maternity photos.  She is almost safe around cats [safe for the cats that is] and she is by far the best peek-a-boo player I’ve ever met.  I love the park we went to, and clearly, so does she.  Except for the possibility that several kids were trying to coax a dead cat out from under the castle tower thing [ “Here, kitty kitty. Look it’s sleeping. Hey KITTY!! Can you reach it?” ] it was just perfect.



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  • Katie in MA - Awwww! She looks like she was havin’ FUN!!

  • Carla Furry - Love the pictures you chose. Maybe she was going after the kitty under the castle?

  • Ginny - Karyn awesome photos of two of my favorite people. You’re great at what you do.

  • Renee Marina - I love the colors in those photos. It’s so bubble gummy. Love it!

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