Are you feeling the pressure?

large-horiz1Ironically, things keep getting easier and less stressful around here lately.  As Christmas draws near and everyone is winding up and stressing about shopping and gifts and stuff, I am getting more relaxed.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because while I don’t have an itemized shopping spreadsheet (yet), I have a plan for shopping that involves mid morning weekday trips to stores.  But I’ll get to that next week.  Maybe it’s because I’ve already made and eaten all the truffles for this years holiday season, so that’s no longer on the to-do list.  Maybe it’s because after my first wonderful and frantically busy holiday season with my photography business, I’m just days away from being done and getting everyone their stuff, and any to-do list item seems totally manageable now that this hard (but fun) work is coming to a close for the year.  Maybe it’s because I managed to navigate this busy season without having to spend EVERY night up late and I didn’t lose my mind.   We’ve just been plugging along and getting things accomplished, and that’s real nice.  Maybe it’s because I’m starting to look back at this crazy year and am realizing how many new and wonderful people have come into my life and how thankful I am for all of them – and especially thankful for my friends and family who’ve supported me and encouraged me this year.  I mean, I’m just plain content.  There are always things to stress about and get aggravated about.  But maybe take some time at the end of this year (or all year for that matter) to think about all the wonderful people you’ve met, and all the things you DID get accomplished.  Because surely that’s a list to be happy about. =)

Merry Christmas Everybody!

And Don’t Forget about the Giving Is Awesome Giveaway!! But no pressure….see…the deadline’s not until January!! =)

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