“The difference between procrastination and laziness is that laziness avoids work with sloth, while procrastination avoids work with different work.” – Me

So you guessed it, I’m procrastinating something…by writing a blog post.  There are so many things flying around in my head it’s difficult to get them to form cohesive sentences.  Maybe I could fake interview myself and that would make it easier…hmmmm. This could work. Silly, yes. Possibly perceived as narcissistic, yes, but anyone who has a blog can be accused of that. Hmm….I’ll try a sample question to see how it goes.

So, Karyn, your name has been showing up in your Google Alert a lot this week. What’s up with that?

Well, interviewer, remember back in September of 2009 when I photographed my good friends Jason and Sarah’s wedding in Philly? Well, they are so awesome and their wedding was so creative and unique that their story was featured in the Love section of the Philadelphia Inquirer this week, and they used several of my photographs from the wedding (with permission of course) to compliment the story.  I’m very excited (so is my mother – I can hear here making copies right now) and just think it’s totally awesome that I got to be a part of the wedding (which was EPIC and totally them) and that I’ve now officially had my pictures published somewhere. How cool is that?

To read their story and see some of my pics click HERE.


Ok – so this could work. Maybe I’ll come up with a guide for “Questions to ask yourself when you have no idea what to post/or no idea how to say what’s in your head” Hmmm.

Download PDF
  • Danielle Darnell - So true about procrastination!! I like the interview idea…keep ’em coming! Great photos, looks like it was quite the par-tay! Was that a broccoli pinata I saw??

  • Katie in MA - That is so cool! And right where my sister lives! I will tell her to look for it. 🙂


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