What to post about first…

I have no idea.  Honestly.  I could post about our trip home to Ohio (which I will) I could write about the wonderful Chihuly exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus where I took tons of photos of his beautiful blown glass works of art (which I will) and I could talk about my new, small, but resolute quest to be consistent in my cooking this year (which I will).  I could tell you about my new awesome Sock Monkey Hat!!!  But where to start!

Sculpture by Dale Chihuly - Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OH

As much as I want to dive right into my photography adventure this year, I am resisting. I am resisting so that my mind can stay here in this vacation, work-free bubble with my family and we can just stay and play a little longer. And not have the days -weeks-months worries on our minds just yet.

I don’t know if you are resolution people. I fluctuate.  My natural tendency, as anyone who’s ever tried to tell me what to do can tell you… I resist set, tried and true ways… and tend to make up my own way of doing things.  This is not true for all things.  I make my noodles and mashed potatoes EXACTLY like Grandma does (to the best of my ability) and I only take 3oz containers or smaller when I fly.  But when it comes to resolutions – all I see sometimes is people making outrageous statements, knowing full well that they will not carry them out.  So I tend to be more broad, and realistic with my goals – at least I try to. I mean – I would like to succeed – so I’m gonna do my best to set myself up for that.  This year I’m using the fresh start of the new year to focus – make more narrow  – my goals that I make all year long.  I LOVE to do lots of things. I can be quite happy doing a million different things, all the time.  But as we drove home to Texas from Ohio (yes, we drove) my husband and I started the ‘what do you want to do this year – for yourself – for fun’ conversation.  He was able to come up with several new and interesting projects and goals, and we came up with a few together that we want to achieve.  But when it was my turn – when I forced myself to set aside my photography business goals and focus on what I wanted for me…. honestly, the word ‘simplify’ was all I could think of.   I am blessed in that my photography business is satisfying my artistic and craft loving tendencies very well, so there is now this space for…. I don’t know.  (Not that there’s actually more time – ha! There’s never more time)  But all I could think about was simplifying and eliminating physical clutter and mental clutter.

It hit me again when I was making dinner tonight.  The simple thought ” I love to make meals from scratch”   I just really like it.  Not every single day – but I wouldn’t mind that if I needed to.  It’s meditative to me to spend time cooking. And along with that thought came – “I need to figure things out with my daily life so that I can cook from scratch more often”.  So I don’t know if it’s because of my success so far with my photo biz, the support of my family and friends, getting older, or what – but I just have an overwhelming urge to focus on what I WANT to do, what I ENJOY doing with my family – and put that stuff first.  And be willing to let the other, less important things fall away.

So – I didn’t know where this post was headed when I started it – but here we are.  I’ll tell you about all those other fun things soon enough.  But if I don’t get to it, just call me, and I’ll talk your ear off. =)

Later everybody.

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  • Catie Ronquillo - I bet that Chihuly exhibit was fab! It was in San Francisco a few years back and I totally missed it. But I saw photos from a friend, amazing! Here’s to a fab 2010!

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