The Rodeo Is In Town

We went to the rodeo for the first time last weekend.  Part of our ongoing quest to do all these Fort Worth/Texas types of things. We do LIVE here.  It was quite the experience.  Nothing too out of the ordinary for me, much like the State Fair, there were elements of the familiar all around.  Although I will say it’s quite interesting to get your food out in the concourse and then enter the arena where it smells more like a barn. Fun fun.  I never realized how many different activities went on during the ‘show’.  LOVED the kids chasing calves, and couldn’t help but offer some (albeit under my breath) advice.  I realize they were in it for money, but seriously if they would’ve just worked together a little more it wouldn’t have been so hard. Props to the girl who tackled hers and wouldn’t let go, even when the little stinker head butted her. You go girl.

I’m sure this guy was thinking what I was thinking. “Oh crap.”

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  • Mary Anne Morgan - These are amazing, Karyn! I love the black and white! Nice job of capturing the event. So wish I could have gone. That is just my sort of thing:)

  • k - Thanks! We had pretty good seats – aside from the railing in front of me. It was a pretty fun time. Crazy bulls. “Blue bell” was my favorite. =)

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