The Day It Actually Snowed in Texas

I know. Slightly melodramatic, but I’m not being completely sarcastic about it – they did set a record for most snow in one day. =) I don’t need to give you the play by play. Most of you have had WAY more than 12 inches of snow at once recently, but besides being a lot for here, this was pretty unique.  Best packing snow ever. No joke. Maybe once or twice in Ohio growing up do I remember having snow that was this perfect for snowball making, snowman and fort building.  No wind, just peaceful falling snow. Simply, perfect.  The major downfall to this characteristic is that it sticks to everything else too, not just itself.  For example, our oak trees in the front yard that don’t lose their leaves until spring.  We counted about 15 or so branches lost by midday on Friday. Yikes.

So…when we got up Thursday morning and saw the wonderful site of at least 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, OF COURSE my first thought was that Bonsai would simply love this! So after working a little bit I just couldn’t take it anymore and we went outside to play a little.  He was so thrilled. 😉  The trees out front were drooping quite a bit, but I couldn’t reach them, but the trees and shrubs in the back could use some help, so I knocked a bunch of snow off those.

This is pretty much the closest I’ve ever gotten to a good snowflake picture.

My neighbor was having trouble getting up her driveway in the afternoon, so we went over and helped clear it out.  We then got the idea to build a snowman out front. She had never built a snowman and that’s reason enough right there.  Perfect conditions don’t just come along often around here.  So we built a lovely proper snowman in their front yard.  Maybe people slowed down because of the snowman, maybe it was because 2 grown women were building it.  Hey, we don’t care, no one slid up into our yards. Of course now ours has a brush barrier protecting it ;\

Yes, that’s me with the lift ticket from the last time we went skiing/snowboarding.  I’m that girl.

The scene early Friday morning. Oh, the branch carnage – it got worse throughout the day.  We ended up with about a foot of snow.

And, our Friday morning activities.

Good times.

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  • Wendy Nugent-Steele - You are awesome!

  • Jenn Nissley - So, I’m Wendy’s sister from northern Indiana. I wish you could have gotten pictures of her with a hairdryer and extension cord trying to get her vehicle un-stuck. I would pay for that.

    Awesome pictures and thank you for helping Wendy.

  • Heather - What great pictures! Can’t believe all those branches down. And, I can’t believe John didn’t want to put on the sock monkey hat while out working in the cold Texas winter weather. Hmmm…maybe the sock monkey hat purchase was like a Farmers Almanac….if she buys it…the snow will come… ? ; )

  • Katie in MA - I was so excited to use the snowman kit my sister put together for me FOUR YEARS ago. Fake carrot, buttons, rocks, mittens, hat, and scarf. What was insane was that he melted by the next morning! Poor Norman.

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