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Meeting new people.  Learning some stuff.  Trying new things.  Honing your skills.  Making friends.  That’s what the Dallas Photog Shootout was all about.  Organized by the super awesome and energetic Rob “Ninja” Nicholson, on his trek across the country, with setup help from some local wonderful photog folks including Amy Karp, Natasha Brown, Anna Routh and the ever awesome Catie Ronquillo.  We met.  We shot.  We laughed.  We ate.  We laughed some more.  It was a great time and fun to try new things and have a chance to experiment with some different lighting techniques – thanks  Jason Huang of Table 4 Weddings.  The models, makeup and hair artists were all amazing and did such a great job!

So I’ve posted a couple of my favorites and some of the other photographers doing their thing, cause, well I just like to do that. =)

The lovely Catie Ronquillo!!! Humoring me. =)

Heather Essian, one of the instructors, giving our model some posing ideas.

And of course, my girls Catie and Maggie. I’m sure whatever they were giggling about MUST have been funny…. 😉

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  • Jessica Klima - Those look so great! I hate that I had to miss it. Love your shots of the models and the photogs too!

  • Katie in MA - Love the top shot and the one with the photogs doing their thing. Must have been so much fun!

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