Our Last Day in Ireland | Day 11 | Yes I know it’s been a long time since I posted about this…

Yes. I realize it’s been 3 months since I last posted about our trip to Europe. So…. Just click on the ‘Europe’ tab on the menu to jog your memory.

from the journal…


Monday.  I mentioned the breakfast already… Wonderful food – I had a tomato, cheese and mushroom omelet and some custard w/peaches and cake w/fresh whipped cream. Yum yum.

We did have to get on the road, so we took off to see the rest of the Dingle peninsula [i know, more giggling].  Again, we followed Rick Steves’ guide around the peninsula.  It’s actually only about 48 km (about 30 miles) around, but there are a lot of places to stop.  The weather was rainy most of the day.  The first 3 places we stopped were a ring fort, some beehive stone huts and an oratory which was real cool.  It’s technically free to see, but the guy who owns the land built a visitor center and charges you 3(euros) a person (includes a 17 minute video) to get through his gate.  Boo.  Clever, but boo.  After that (and some very interesting detours courtesy of Maggie when I forgot to reset her to find the quickest route, not the shortest, hehe) we stopped in Dingle and petrolled up and grabbed bread/meat and snacks for lunch.

Are you noticing a bit of an Irish wardrobe trend? Loved our jackets. Best idea ever.

Our lone livestock-in-the-road encounter. =)

Consulting Rick in the shelter of the oratory.

Then we were on our way to the Cliffs of Moher!  It was about a 3hr drive.  Maggie tried to divert us towards the end, but logic prevailed and we found the Cliffs.  It rained pretty much the whole way there but luckily, it stopped raining before we reached the Cliffs and didn’t really rain the whole time we were there.  They were so beautiful.  I can’t even describe – just look @ the pics.   I also finally found a Celtic necklace that I liked and a few other cute souvenirs.

FYI – those white specks are birds..

They REALLY didn’t want people to fall off the cliffs. Or JUMP off the cliffs. Seriously.

Then we headed to Bunratty to find our B&B , Park House.  Maggie almost got us there, but apparently the “Low Road” that our B&B is on – is off any map. =)  We finally found it though.  Very cute and very bed and breakfasty.  Sweet family and such a cute place.  There was a real quilt on the bed. So cute.  We went ahead and paid in advance cause we were leaving so early in the morning.  We chatted with the owner Sinead for a bit and she recommended a new restaurant just down the street – JP something.  Pretty good.  Had some good hot beverages since it was still kinda dreary.  Back to Park House and got packed and got to bed early.  I slept horrible cause my cold/sore throat was getting worse.

Off to London in the morning!

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  • Katie in MA - You found the Cliffs of Insanity!! 🙂 {Tell me you didn’t think that…}

    Love so many of the pics, especially the ones with the will’o’wisps or whatever they’re called in real-life. 🙂

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