Getting To Know My City | Fort Worth, TX

It was way nice outside Wednesday.  My inner stress-overanalyze-freakout-alarm was starting to go off about lunchtime so I said (yes out loud) “that’s it! I’m getting out of the house.”  I was actually reasonably productive in the morning, so I felt not super guilty for leaving “the office”.  My mission: to see a part of Fort Worth that was new and possibly neat and fun that I had not yet seen. Maybe I would meet some nice people, maybe I would find something yummy to eat, wear, snap a picture of…who knows.  I just needed to get out of here and get out there.  Where exactly?

Well, there’s been quite a bit of development in the last few years over near 7th street and the Montgomery Plaza.  In the past year or so, all sorts of wonderful places have opened their doors, like GLORIA’s – super awesome Salvadoran food.  Wonderful for a girls night out, or lunch, or any time you feel like eating.  So good.  There are a bunch of yummy places that are open in the gap between the buildings.  This is ideal for Texas summers because it cuts the direct evening sunlight out of the equation which can make 95 degrees somewhat more bearable.  Anyways, there have been even more places that have opened up across the street and I’ve only so far visited the new Pour House (relocated from downtown), and that was at night so I couldn’t really get a look at what else was around.  So today – I went.

My first stop was actually an art supplies store, Asel Art Supply, to check it out.  Very nice with friendly staff and lots of interesting supplies that I haven’t seen since my college art supply store.  Then it was on to the shopping/eating/live/movie area.  They’ve built apartments and condos that look awesome from the outside at least over all of these shops and restaurants. I’m sure they are fabulous and all things modern and fun.

I walked past the new Movie Tavern.  We tried to see a movie there one night, but of course, it was sold out.  My second stop was for gelato at Paciugo.  My usual favorite gelato flavor is pistachio, because no one ever has pistachio ice cream.  They had so many flavors though, so I also tried a new one: Texas Caramel with sea salt caramel. Oh. My. Goodness.  It’s amazing.  You know how normally by the end of the ice cream eating experience your taste buds are starting to get tired of the same flavor. NOT this flavor. I could’ve eaten it all day. Poor pistachio was getting jealous I think.  So good.

Next up was a woman’s clothing store called Flirt.  Very very cute and stylish and not ridiculously priced.  Now I might have to search, as always, to find something to actually fit me, but for a stylish boutique shop, the clothes were way affordable.  I will definitely be going back, but I’ll probably need to eat less gelato first. 😉

I walked around a little more, just checking out the view.  There are quite a few restaurants and bar & grill type places that I’d like to come back and try out, like Tillman’s Roadhouse.

Next up, I checked out Yofe – a fresh fruit & yogurt cafe.  Um, awesome.  I wasn’t sure I was up for more frozen goodness after the gelato, but apparently, I was.  They have real frozen yogurt, soooo yummy, and they serve it with your choice of FRESH fruit and granola.  I got pineapple and blueberries with mine.  It was delicious.  They make a lot of other things and it’s just a great place to go for a fresh and healthier treat.  There is quite a bit of seating inside for such a small place.  They even sell those little make-your-own-soda things too.  The guy working there was very friendly, even though he was stuck inside on a nice day.  It was totally worth adding to my frozen treat count for the day.

That pretty much wrapped up my little adventure for the day.  It looks like there are going to be a bunch more places opening up soon in this location and I expect it’s going to be hopping and busier very soon.  There were other places that are open that I didn’t visit yet.  I still need to check out Backwoods, the small REI-ish type place around the corner.

I think this area is definitely got a lot of good things going for it. Lots of yummy diverse food options, shops, free parking (!!!!) and a movie tavern.  They even have an LA Fitness so all the people who live there can go work off their gelato. 😉

Have a nice day! Go outside!

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