It’s Good to Have Goals.

Goals like take a picture of a school of fish.  Me, I have a goal of having 2 lovely printed and bound photo books on our coffee table that each tell a story of our recent travels to Europe and Hawaii, respectively.  Now, the Hawaii book still has some credible time to be made, but the Europe book… well we’re approaching the one year mark here people.  And I’m JUST STARTING to post about the London part. Which means I have only edited the photos through the Ireland part, and may or may not mean that I have only designed the book up to the Germany part.  Sooo….what’s a girl to do? Just keep swimming, editing, finding time, MAKING time, doing doing doing.  I’ve tried setting little goals along the way, and that has certainly pushed this project along at times. But if this is going to actually happen BEFORE the one year anniversary of the end of our 2009 European vacation… I need a plan. With deadlines.  I also might need to change up the game a little bit. Up to this point my process has been – edit photos for Day X, blog post with select photos from Day X, create pages for Day X in the photo book with said edited photos.  The blogging part slows me down a bit, but it also keeps me knowing what day the pictures are from.  Because, um, Ireland is green all over the place and sometimes a girl can get confused unless she’s got some context. So never mind, I’m sticking with my current process. I just need to add a little pressure.  So please, Sister and Katie and whoever else might read this blog – feel free to heckle me if a week goes by and you haven’t seen a NEW Europe post. Also – if any of you have any other tips or personal stories of achieving things you’ve put off for months….please do share. I need all the encouragement I can get. =)

Yes, my goal is one post a week until I’m done – and then the book will be ready to order!! Yipee!!

As for Hawaii, it’s going to be hard to just let those gorgeous photos sit there, so you may see a few sneak in if I just can’t help myself.  And you’ll certainly see some showing up in the Desktop Wallpaper area on the Goodies page. =)

Thanks for listening. Hope you all have a great Friday!


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