The Blue Parade | Going Home [Day 17 Europe]

[5.24.2009] last journal entry…

That would be today.  I have been finishing this journal up on our nine hour and 45 minute flight back home.  Yep, that is long.  [the flight actually lasted 11 hours because we had to delay our landing because of weather].  So you would think our day of departure would be boring and humdrum, even tedious, and you would be mostly right.  We got mostly packed last night, so this morning was pretty easy.  We got up, ate the rest of our food [I took some pictures of it, you know, cause it’s British].  We didn’t have any oil or a spatula for the skillet so I introduced John to the joys of microwaved eggs! Oh yes, a gourmet treat to be sure.  We were out the door with all our pack mule gear by 10 AM and it’s a relatively short walk to the station.   It was a beautiful morning too!  So as we get to the station we start hearing lots of shouting and see a disproportionate number of folks in blue and white.  Apparently there was a futbol/soccer game that day involving a south London team, Millwell, and apparently they were all taking the same subway line as us.  Imagine if you will,  an Ohio State football [or insert favorite football team here] game in which to get to it, all of the students/fans had to take the subway.  Now just imagine they are all in bright blue and have British accents.  Get the picture?  It was actually pretty funny (especially since we got an early start and were not at risk of being late) with the singing and beer drinking.  The funniest were the comments over the subway PA system… “Please remember that it is an offense to drink alcohol in the underground area… we know you can drink at the game but please don’t here…  To the gentleman carrying the child on your shoulders please don’t ride the escalator like that… We are turning off the downward escalators and we aren’t going to turn them on again until the platform clears some… Please keep moving out of the way at the base of the escalator you are causing congestion… move or we’ll evacuate the station and shut down the line… could the contract cleaner take a mop and bucket to the platform please…”  That last one drew laughs and ewwws from the crowd.  Getting on the tube took about three train attempts and we were still packed in.  Thankfully the second train leg of our journey was boring and quiet and just going to the airport.  Check-in and all the rest where no problem.   John had his last real Guinness at the airport and now we are on our way home.

Thanks for being so patient for all my posts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and stories!

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