“We are all worms. But I do believe I am a glow worm.” – Winston Churchill [Day 16 Europe]

[5.23.2009] journal entry

Saturday was our last full day in London. We got an early start so we could try to get everything in.  We started at the Churchill Museum and War Cabinet Room.  This was really interesting  – especially to see information about World War II from the British perspective.  At the end of WWII they closed down the Cabinet War Room as it stood at the end of the war –  so when they opened it back up for the Museum it was exactly the same, and they preserved it that way.  It was really amazing to see all the areas and how they were used – also the Churchill Museum which is all about him was so neat!  Very interactive.  My favorite part was the giant interactive touch timeline that went throughout his whole life.  Oh and the postcards were awesome!!!  After that we grabbed a bite for lunch to go and hopped on the Thames River Cruise (City Cruises).

Our commentator was hilarious.  It was a nice little cruise although docking at the peers was less than pleasant in terms of motion. Ugh.  I made it through okay.  We got off at Greenwich, picked up a few more souvenirs and then got on the DLR and the tube and headed back over to near St. Paul’s Cathedral.  It was so huge and gorgeous!  Of course no pics inside but it was so beautiful.  Also, the organist was practicing for something so we got to enjoy the beautiful organ music while we explored.  The history of St. Paul’s is pretty amazing.  After St. Paul’s we decided to skip the Chelsea Gardens,  although I’m sure they were beautiful with the flower show going.  Our feet were just done and we wanted to relax on our last night here.  We went back and dropped everything off at the apartment.  Yes, everything – even the big camera.  We ate some of the food we bought at Sainsbury’s earlier in the week to curb our appetite.   I even put on my black jersey dress!  No purse, no stupid money purse, nothing.  Just the little Nikon. =)  We went back up to the river and ate at an Asian food place right next to the Tower Bridge called Dim T.  Very yummy, though their won-ton soup was massive.  We chatted about our trip, our favorite parts, how it’s possible that we actually did it all and went so many places!  Then we headed back towards the apartment and stopped in one of the nice pub/Biergartens near our apartment.  This one was called The Wool Pack and it had a great little beer garden in the back.   The whole area where our apartment was is just so eclectic and fun.  It was so nice out and for the whole time we were in London actually.  It totally made up for the rain in Ireland.  After that back to the apartment to veg and start packing for home.

Note of caution: The red telephone booths are fun…to stand next to, take pics of, etc.  Do not go inside.  Smells like pee.

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