And this time by shoot, I mean with a gun, not a camera

I know I haven’t posted much lately, but that is going to change.  Big fun happy photo sessions coming up and this summer is just jam packed with awesome.   In other news, my sis-in-law came to visit us last weekend and we had a great time hanging out.  We spent her first full day here shopping, of course, and we had dinner at one of my new favorite burger joints, the Love Shack.  Soooo yummy.  We even found great new lights for the patio!  Friday, despite the heat, and maybe our better judgment, we went skeet shooting.  Please note, I had not fired a gun since I was like 9 (which involved shooting pepsi cans set up in the back yard), and John’s sister D had never fired a gun.  So naturally, first time? Shotgun.  We ARE in Texas.  So John told us what we needed to know, showed us how to stand, hold the gun, load the gun, not point the gun at people or important stuff, and my favorite feature – the safety.  I was a bit obsessed with having the safety on anytime I wasn’t actually almost ready to shoot.  I don’t care if that’s a bit silly, because I didn’t shoot anybody!  Yay!  I didn’t even pull a ‘Carl’, i.e. trying to fire the gun and forgetting that the safety was on. =)  So… after we had some of the best Gyros in town at Paul’s, we headed out to go shoot.  I will say it took some getting used to.  I mean, it’s a shotgun.   Hello!   John was very helpful and gave good advice that we each sort of took.  I pretty much just spent the whole round getting used to firing the thing and figuring out how best to hold it against my shoulder.  We took some pics on the iphone of us shooting for fun – but they turned out to be helpful in pointing out what we were doing wrong.  So I guess, technically, I did ‘shoot’ some photos too.   I am proud to say, however, that D and I each hit one target (out of 25)!!!  John hit, um, a lot more than that.  We don’t care, we hit something!  My beginners bruise is almost gone, but I’m glad I tried it and I’d like to go again and actually get better, and you know, hit more stuff.

So, at this point we have ‘Fire a gun in Texas’  – Check

We hung out, talked, grilled, went out to downtown Fort Worth one night and met some interesting people, ahem.  Then, we were talking about what else we wanted to do and John mentioned that he saw that REO Speedwagon was playing at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma.   Yep, you heard me right.   Oh, and on the way there…is Rudy’s Bbq.  Can you say awesome mini road trip?  People watching extravaganza? And hopefully a fun concert too?  So yes, we really did go have some delicious Rudy’s, then drive to Winstar, feed some money into a pretty machine with lights and buttons and then go see what turned out to be a pretty good concert.  Of course the people watching was everything we had hoped.   I’ll just let your imagination take over.  Hehe.  It was a good time.

( It is a World casino.  It says so out front. )

Road trip – Check

BBQ – Check

Overall it was a great weekend and much needed break from all things work related.  Just some good time with friends and family. =)

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