A Guest Post! or Hey come and read because it’s someone new and fun!

{Today’s guest post comes courtesy of my wonderful friend Liz!  The girl seriously needs her own blog – she’s got so many wonderful things to share.  So please welcome, enjoy and comment for Liz!!!! Oh and of course, all photo credit goes to Liz.  She’s wonderful!}

I’m not Karyn. I’m not Karyn for a million reasons for which I’m insanely envious (the fact that I don’t love to run pisses me off on a daily basis), but the one that is most pertinent to this post is that I no longer live in Texas. Boooo. Hisssss. Karyn recently asked me if I wanted to write a guest post on her funny, adorable, witty blog. Part of me was thinking, “Oh, she’s desperate. She’s asked all her cool and clever friends and I was the only one who wasn’t on vacation.” But nonetheless, I was flattered enough to say yes. So here we are.

I no longer live in Texas, but did for two HOT (seriously, I think God is trying to melt us HOT) and quick years when I met Karyn. I now live in a city that if you would have asked me 10 years ago to find it on a map, I’m sad to say I would have pointed to New York or Philadelphia (please tell me I’m not the only one who has made that mistake). I’m talking about Boston – most notably known for Paul Revere, Harvard (pronounced Hahvahd by locals), Cheers, and Fenway Park. I have stories about all these attractions, but I want to focus on one in particular now: Fenway.

I love Fenway. Not because of the Red Sox, but they are pretty cool too, and if you ever get the chance to go to a game – DO IT. I have dreams about the hot dogs (“Fenway Franks”) and ice cream served inside the stadium. Why is it that ballpark food always seems to taste better than any other food? Enough to make you want to hold off on eating dinner before the game, “I’m starving, but I want to wait until we get to our seats to eat.” File that under strange, but awesome.

Anywho…The neighborhood that surrounds Fenway Park, brilliantly called “Fenway,” is diverse, delicious, historical, and breathtaking all at the same time. There are retail stores, restaurants, ice cream shops, and a movie theater all squished into a 10 block radius. There’s also community gardenon the edge of Fenway where Bostonians have been renting small square plots of land – I’m talking the size of a master bedroom – for more than a hundred years, and can plant whatever they want. Flowers, trees, grass, tomatoes, anything. This place feels magical to me. Every color and type of flower I ever imagined being in a secret garden is here.

I take anyone who comes to visit me to this garden. If you ever come to visit me, I’ll take you there too.

{Thank you Liz!!! And for the record – you were the FIRST person I asked to write for the blog. So there.}

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  • Kate - Great post! I’m elizabeth’s boston friend — and agree, she needs a blog!!

  • Katie in MA - You guys! You’re making me homesick! I’m from the Boston area and moved to TX 10 years ago…and have been trying to move home ever since. I just got back from a week up there and I miss it terribly!! Beautiful shots, Liz – hope you come back to guest blog again!

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